My side of the story II

Name: Ana Vanessa Ortiz Gerdau Johannpeter.
Most known by: Ana Vanessa.
Birth: 09/10/1984.
Zodiac sign: Libra.
Nationalities: Portuguese and German.
Profession: Lawyer.
Marital status: Relationship with silly Júlio F. Schmidt.
Lives: Lisboa, with her father and sisters, Maria Clara and Tara Tatiane.
Can’t live without: Vademecum, shopping and coffee.
Related characters: Maria Clara + Tara Tatiane.
How she is: Beautiful, probably the prettiest of the three sisters. With oval face has blue rounded eyes bright as colored glass and shiny black hair which sometimes is pulled in a back bun and sometimes becomes down. High with 5′ 7″, never weighed more than 127lb. Has no friends and doesn’t matter, career in first place, the rest is rest, not showing great enthusiasm for anything. Known for being a dead fly, lives in a lethargic state of profound indifference to the world and life but has an enormous desire to break it. Tends to avoid fights and therefore lives on the fence without taking sides. Delicate, gentle has affectionate temperament.

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