Eyra Gaunin – Yggdrasil: Eyra in the underworld

Name: Eyra Gaunin.
Most known by: Eyra, the adultress.
Race: Hybrid.
Age: 33 years.
Daughter of: Juno with unknown father.
Clan: Unknown.
World: Helheim – Yggdrasil.
Represents: The sensuality and seduction.
Powers and Abilities: Unknown.
Marital status: Separated.
Can’t live without:  A reliquary heart pendant shaped with a photograph of the son Sven.
Related characters: Ingvarr + Lars.
How she is:
Eyra was a beautiful woman; redhead with long straight hair and light skin was one of the most coveted women of Midgard, until being banned from there, where was condemned to death by hanging. Currently her adress is Helfheim where is confined to be alive from the waist up as a beautiful woman and dead from the waist down with the body in terrible decomposition. Unhappy with her existence, doesn’t remember know better days, nor knows if they will be again part of her life. Thus, follows depressed wandering through the world of the dead cursing her husband, the guilty from her miserable existence, where survives being a body without a soul.