My side of the story I

Giuliane Almeida Saraíba.
Most known by: Giu.
Birth: 01/01/1983.
Zodiac sign: Capricorn.
Nationalities: Angolan and Portuguese.
Profession: Journalist.
Marital status: Complicated.
Lives: Benfica with her bestfriend.
Can’t live without: Coffee, new clothes and makeup.
Related characters:
 Isabel + Nicole.
How she is: Giu is beautiful, a black woman that would make you stop on your tracks. Half injun from her father’s side and half mullato on her mother’s gave her fleshy lips, astonishing brown eyes and a nose that would be the envy of many. And her brown hair is good too: long and curly. Her body however, doesn’t leave much to be desired, at 5 foot 5, with a well distributed 130 pounds. She grew up in the Morro dos Infelizes, a public housing complex in Quinta do Mocho, a locality filled of immigrants from former Portuguese colonies, which is in the list of most problematic neighbourhoods’ of Lisbon. Giu was raised only by her mother. Always wanted a better life and fought to achieve it. She’s a worker and a good friend. Obstinate as you’d expect since, in her life, you’d either buckled and ran or stood your ground and fought back. When she decides that she wants something there’s nothing nor nobody to stop her. Giving up just isn’t something she does. Temperamental, she hates losing control and throws tantrums easily. Giu cannot hide her emotions, more so when inside she is hurting.

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