Lisa – Addicted? Me? Never!

Name: Lisa Balboa Campos.
Most known by: Lisa.
Birth: 11/06/1990.
Zodiac sign: Gemini.
Nationalities: Spanish and Portuguese.
Profession: Business Administrator.
Marital status: Dumped at the Church door aka cuckquean.
Lives: Faro with the sister and the brother in law.
Can’t live without: Alcohol, controlled medicine and the sister.
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How she is: Lisa has a common beauty: 141lb, 5′ 5″; brown eyes of more paltry that exists and black short hair cuted in layers. Has wide shoulders but the body itself hasn’t major curves and nothing roughage, i.e., small breasts. Nothing in her stands out physically, psychologically the history is another. With tendency to superficiality gets tired easily of everything and everyone; bored, lives frustrated and sometimes is verbally aggressive. Extremely volatile presents herself unstable, sometimes happy, sometimes depressed, having a need to unload her impatience at someone. Pessimistic, the negativity is her most marked characteristic and believes that the high point of her was when she made the tattoo.

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