My side of the story II

Maria Clara Ortiz Gerdau Johanpeter.
Most known by: MaC.
Birth: 20/01/1979.
Zodiac sign: Capricorn.
Nationalities: American and Portuguese.
Profession: Business Administrator.
Marital status: ex-wife, i.e. divorced that is unhappy.
Lives: Lisboa, with her father and sisters, Ana Vanessa and Tara Tatiane.
Can’t live without: Mobile phone/tablet, makeup and coffee.
Related characters: Ana Vanessa + Tara Tatiane.
How she is: Her face is delicate with balanced proportions; normal lips, sheer nose and her eyes are the color of blue gray. The body is handsome without many exaggerations, however considers herself a giraffe for having 5′ 9″. The blonde wavy hair with highlights that goes up to the height of the breasts, always dawns seeming a nest of birds, or at least that’s how she sees it. In short: Mac is beautiful, able to take any man of serious. Determined and ambitious, hasn’t great sense of humor and is quite closed with her problems. Apparently calm and controlled, rarely shakes with the events, that was until get divorced and become a rollercoaster of feelings and emotions.

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