My side of the story I

 Nicole Jacinto Aboim Stulbach.
Most known by: Nicu.
Birth: 05/05/1990.
Zodiac sign: Taurus.
Nationality: Portuguese.
Profession: Graduate in Fashion.
Marital status: Fiancée of Fred.
Lives: Chiado with her parents.
Can’t live without: CBR1000, the viola and hair gel.
Related characters: Giuliane + Isabel.
How she is: Excessively skinny; has 108lb distributed by 5′ 5″; also isn’t pretty. Both, her body and her rounded face are below the standards of beauty; to worsen has wide large-boned shoulders. Her green eyes are the puffy style and lips too thin; the short red hair always with gel seems to have been spit by a cow. In the left arm has tattooed Feline (character of the author Mariangela G.). Psychologically is a disgrace! Has strong temperament, besides being obstinate and persevering. Worker: is dedicated. Her reactions are weighted, but once the decision is taken, it’s unlikely that deviates from the established route, and if that happens it’s capable to be at the edge of the psychopathy and the aggressiveness. Nevertheless needs a stable relationship, the companionship, being an excellent partner for her fiance and friend of her friends.

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